bruce millen Photography



Bruce is a lapsed research zoologist. A European grand tour resulted in his discovery and subsequent pursual of the arts. He has been a gallery owner, museum manager, art museum curator, picture framer and art installer. In the late '90s, Bruce’s casual interest in landscape photography blossomed when he began to discover his "voice."



"Nature does not lie on the surface, but hides in the depths."

Paul Cézanne

As a landscape photographer, I react to the visual impact of a subject. But further analysis usually reveals that my response has been to some subtler component feature such as pattern, texture or shape — the landscape behind the landscape. This is the stuff of my photography.

My images don't always conform to the traditionally favoured conventions of landscape photography, tending towards non-representation, minimalism and ambiguity of scale. I frequently use natural design and strong graphic elements to lead the eye through the composition, though not necessarily to some centre of interest. Patterns, textures, and shapes themselves are often the subject and become the image. My interpretations, while not always recognizable, are none-the-less straightforward and realistic. They can blur the definition of what exactly a landscape is.