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Hi Bruce I met you and Connie in Tongue a few days ago. Hope you got some good shots of the Ben Loyal. I kept my word and gave you a plug on my Twitter feed. It was a pleasure meeting you both!
Paul Greer - 23 Sep 2016
Bruce, I've been paying a lot of attention to fractals lately, and your artwork seems to be very much in that vein. The patterns are universally real and valid, at all levels of scale. I'm fascinated to see your merger of 'photo-fractalism'.
Linda Clark - 16 Feb 2013
Thanks Bruce. I loved the Forest Reflections gallery. I hope some of those images are hanging on your wall at home.
Brian McCracken - 22 Jan 2013
When I looked at 087,091 and 092 Forest Reflections I could feel a fall breeze and hear the slap of a beaver's tail.
Dave McCullough - 21 Jan 2013
Beautiful work Bruce. Enjoyed your new galleries, Forest Reflections and Junked cars.
Jim Vance - 19 Jan 2013
Beautiful photos! I really like the reflections series.
Janis Grant - 19 Jan 2013
lovely stuff.
Peter Fiander - 17 Dec 2012
Way to go dad!!!
Ari Millen - 25 Aug 2012
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